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Event services

The East Norfolk Militia is able to provide a range of services to meet the needs of your event, at varying price points suitable for smaller events with a very limited budget, to larger scale shows that have less restrained budgets.

We have previously attended product launches and ceremonial processions, acting as a period backdrop to a wider event. In addition, we are a popular entertainment at smaller events such as fetes in addition to the more obvious living history events. The evocotive crash of musketry and the resulting cloud of smoke is as popular a crowd pleaser today as it was two hundred years ago, and in addition to drill, marching and firepower demonstrations and mock battles East Norfolk Militia can also put on a full scale living history camp where the public can walk through and see the sights, sounds and smells of two hundred years ago. We can also put on semi scripted plays, depicting the events of two hundred years ago.

We can scale the cost of our displays to a great extent through controlling our own costs, the number one cost of which is gunpowder. We can use limited amounts through doing individual demonstrations of how a musket is loaded and fired throughout the day; 10 demonstrations firing one shot uses as much powder as one volley of ten shots! At the opposite end of the cost spectrum, assuming adequate size we can stage a mock battle, either using members of our own group dressed as Frenchman to provide a token sized opposing force, or through arranging for the attendance of other re-enactment groups to act out the part of the French, and other parts of the British Army (such as artillery) if so desired.

If you think we could help you with your event then please get in touch.